I get asks occasionally related to the Depression Guide I wrote to help you guys write more realistic characters, and I wanted to say from personal experience that this Buzzfeed article really resonates. I normally disagree with points on their lists, but for this one, everything is completely correct to the point where I wonder if there’s a mini reporter in my head relaying that information to their writers. It’s actually kind of creepy.

Anyway, helping you guys makes me happy, so hopefully this is helpful.



After so many years of trying on and off to stop hurting myself an failing, I’ve finally realized that I never really truly wanted to get better. See, if I did I would have understood that hurting myself wasn’t the problem, what I needed was a new outlook, I needed to work on the root of it all. Last night I told my boyfriend that I wanted to get better, not that I wanted to stop cutting which he has heard many times before, but that I really wanted to get better, wanted to be truly happy again. Something I had never said, even to my self. And he cried, he said he had been waiting so long to hear that, all he’s ever wanted was to see me happy. I had never realized how much my own life affected those around me, I’ve been so selfish. And I’m so glad I have decided to start this change in my life, a change towards a better life.